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Voting Results

Date: July 18, 2018


As we have completed the voting processes we would like to share how things turned out once all of the votes were counted, but also to share some exciting news about the amount of drivers that will receive an invite.  We had a very successful fundraising period to date and we are able to not only invite the initial twelve drivers, but we have added two extra spots to the field.  That means a total of fourteen drivers have received an invite and have already been contacted to share the good news.  The two additional drivers were determined by overall votes.


The results of voting are always fun to watch, and this year was no different.  The overall leaders in votes and the positions changed almost daily right down to the last hours the open voting period.  The drivers who have been given an invite to this year’s event are as follows.

New Drivers

  1. Austin Theiss
  2. Al Humphrey
  3. Rob Mayea
  4. Craig Vosbergen
  5. Jared Miley
  6. Joe Godsey
  7. Hudson O’Neil
  8. GR Smith

All Star Drivers

  1. Jason Feger
  2. Brian Shirley
  3. Chris Simpson
  4. Ricky Weiss

Bonus Drivers

  1. Dale McDowell
  2. Bobby Pierce

The event would not be possible without the contributions made by the fans and we would like to thank everyone that has already contributed to the event.  If you donated more than $30 we look forward to seeing you at the luncheon at Cedar Lake Speedway.   Along with the fan contributions we have some great sponsors that support the FANS Fund.  We ask everyone to look into these companies and support them whenever possible.


Johnson Motors

Johnson Ford of New Richmond

JT Auto Sales

Gillund Enterprises / Justice Brothers

GRP Motorsports

Casey Farms

Bernick’s Pepsi

Kirkpatrick Law Office

Willow River Salon

Badger Storage and Excavation

Joe Provo Race Ware

 Track Rat Photo


Lastly, we would like to remind those fans that have not yet contributed to the FANS Fund that donations will still be accepted and appreciated.  If you contribute more than $30 you will still receive an invite to the luncheon the Saturday of the USA Nationals and a t-shirt exclusive to this years event.