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2018 Format

Date: May 21, 2018

Title: 2018 Format


With things heating up on the track the FANS Fund is happy to announce the format of the 2018 edition of the event.  As usual this event will help offset the costs of racing for those who make the long trip to the USA Nationals held at Cedar Lake Speedway in early August.  This event has changed formats a couple of times adding and replacing categories of drivers in its 10 year history, however this year will seem very similar to those who have been involved in the past.


This year’s event will follow the popular format used for last year event as it encompasses as many of the drivers involved in the annual race as possible.  This year we plan to invite ten to twelve drivers, of which we hope 75% of them are new to the event.  The drivers will be broken down into three groups, however the fans who make this event possible will again be able to place their votes to any driver they wish.  The three categories being used to divide the drivers will be new, all-star, and legends.  This will give the event a good mix of drivers while still holding true to the original concept of the FANS Fund.


The new drivers will consist of drivers from across the country that have either never been to the USA Nationals or have not attended for some time.  The hope is these drivers will see how great the track and race is that they will want to come back for future races.  As already indicated, the majority of the drivers who will receive an invite from the FANS Fund will come from this category.   The total amount of drivers will depend on the amount of funds generated over the summer, but we hope it will be 7-8 drivers based on previous years.


The remaining two groups will consist of driver that do not fit into the new category, meaning they have been attended the USA Nationals in the past.  The first of these two groups is the all-stars, which include drivers that have attended the USA Nationals recently or have been included in a recent FANS Fund event.   This year, based on the total amount of funds generated, we will include 2-3 drivers as all-stars. The second category of returning drivers is the legends and will consist of one drive that has been supporting the USA Nationals for many years. The category was created in recent years and seems to have been a fan favorite with the likes of Billy Moyer most recently receiving the invite.


The organizers of the FANS Fund have been hard at work the past few months talking with drivers to gather information and interest about the 2018 edition of the event.   With this information, a list of drivers has been put together to help the fans select a driver of their choice.  With that being said, fans are encouraged to place votes for the driver of their choice, even if not included on the list. But please remember that the organizers may not be able to contact them to gather interest.  Because of this, we do encourage fans to select a driver from this pre-generated list.  If you do choose to place votes for a different driver we will count your votes and do our best to make contact with the driver or the race team.


As the event has done since its inception, eleven years ago, the fans who donate a minimum of $30 will be invited to a lunch, including a meet and greet with the drivers, the Saturday afternoon of the USA Nationals.  The donation will also include a t-shirt that will be given out at the lunch.  This has proven to be one of the most popular aspects of the FANS Fund and we look to make it as good as ever.  The exact details of the lunch will come at a date to follow closer to the USA Nationals, so please stay tuned.


To make donations and place your votes please visit the web page or watch for members of the FANS Fund at Cedar Lake Speedway throughout the summer.