2017 FANSFund Driver List as of 8/2/2017 9:00 PM
  Name Home Town Category Attending Y/N
1 G.R. Smith Cornelius, NC New ?
2 Michael Lake Uniontown, PA New Yes
3 Justin Duty Portland, OR New Yes
4 Kyle Bronson Brandon, FL New Yes
5 Ricky Weiss Headingly, Manitoba, Canada New Yes
6 Dale McDowell Chickamauga, GA New Yes
1 Brian Shirley Chatham, IL At Large Yes
2 Jason Feger Bloomington, IL At Large Yes
3 Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA At Large Yes
4 Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL At Large Yes
5 Kent Robinson Bloomington, IN At Large Yes
* Voting ended at Midnight July 16, 2017.  Votes are sorted by driver category - A number of drivers have dropped out due to numerous reasons beyond their control.

* This page will be updated as drivers confirm their attendance and participation in the FANSFund.
Drivers Voted in that Declined our Offer  
  Driver Home Town Category Attending Y/N
  Jake O'Neil Tucson, AZ At Large No
  Hudson O'Neal Martinsville, IN New No
  Steve Francis Jr Oak Grove, MO New No
  Chad Zobrist Highland, IL New No
  Craig Vosbergen Perth, Western Australia New No
  Tony Toste Pismo Beach, CA New No
  Austin Hubbard Seaford, DE New No
  Clay Daly Salinas, CA New No
  Jonathan Davenport Pelzer, SC At Large No
  Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY At Large No
  Jeff Provinzino Hibbing. MN New No
  Billy Moyer Jr Batesville, AK At Large No
  Gordy Gundaker St Charles, MO At Large No