2017 FANSFund FAQS:


Driver Categories:

1.      FANSFund “New Driver” category: is for drivers that have never competed in the USA Nationals or for drivers that have not completed in the USA Nationals for at least the past two years.  This category is our top priority with the purpose to recruit drivers that have never been to the USA Nationals or haven’t been here for a while.  The goal is that these drivers will truly enjoy the experience of the USA Nationals event and will want to return year after year.  Please see the Sample Dash Purse link on the website for the targeted number of drivers for this category.

2.      FANSFund “At Large Driver” category: allows fans to vote for any driver even if they have participated in the USA Nationals in the past two years, including past FANSFund drivers.  In the past we have had a number of fans that want to vote any drivers that they choose even if they have participated in the USA Nationals or FANSFund recently, this category allows for a limited number of drivers for that purpose.  Please see the Sample Dash Purse link on the website for the targeted number of drivers for this category.

3.      Drivers Not Eligible: WOO drivers that are in the top 12 in WOO points are not eligible for the FANSFund.  These drivers receive financial support from WOO and it’s anticipated they would be coming to the USA Nationals as a WOO sanctioned event.

4.      The number of drivers targeted for each of the driver categories is just that, a target or a goal.  If for instance we are unable to get the number of “New Drivers” we are targeting to commit to attending the USA Nationals the FANSFund committee has the discretion to invite additional drivers from the “At Large Driver” category.

5.      FANSFund drivers must compete in the “USA Nationals” WOO sanctioned event to be eligible


FANSFund Dash:

1.      The FANSFund Dash is a 10-12 lap race for all drivers voted into the FANSFund regardless of driver category.  The drivers will compete in a dash format race for their share of the funds that are raised.  The goal is to invite 10-12 total drivers based on voting results.

a.       Drivers voted in must compete in this race to be awarded the financial support committed from the FANSFund.

b.      If for some reason a driver is unable to compete due to mechanical issues suffered in one of the evenings qualifying races they will be awarded the minimum start money from the structured purse.

2.      A structured purse will be in place with the final payout based on the total funds raised and the number of drivers invited.  We are targeting a minimum of $2,000 to win and $1,200 to start for the Dash with a nice breakdown in between.  The FANSFund goal is to raise enough money to exceed the minimum target.  Sample purses based on fundraising targets can be found on the website.  The final purse will be determined at the end of our fundraising activities in mid to late July.

3.      Drivers will line up based on total votes received with the highest vote earner starting on the pole position, regardless of the driver category.  The second highest in voting will start 2nd and so on throughout the remainder of the starting lineup.

4.      Rules of the sanctioning body that are in place for USA Nationals event will be used for this race.

5.      The Dash is planned to be held qualifying night, Friday August 4, 2017, after all other qualifying races for the evening are completed.

a.       In the event of inclement weather a determination of when or if to run the Dash will be made by track promoters, FANSFund coordinators, and event sanction officials.

b.      If the race cannot be run due to circumstances outside of our control, the funds raised will be split equally amongst the drivers voted in that are in attendance.


Fan Donations and Driver Voting:

1.      Donation and Voting Format:

a.       Fans that make the minimum monetary donation are allowed to vote for drivers that they would like to receive FANSFund financial support and be included in the FANSFund events.

b.      Minimum donation amount is $5.00; fans receive 1 vote for every $5.00 donated.

c.       The minimum donation amount to be eligible for the FANSFund Luncheon, T-shirt, and associated activities at the luncheon is $30.00.  Fans must attend the luncheon to receive their T-shirt as they will not be shipped.

d.      Fans can place their votes for whatever driver they choose with the exception of WOO drivers who are not eligible (i.e. if you donate $30.00 you could give all 6 votes to 1 driver, give 1 vote to 6 different drivers, or any combination you choose for the 6 votes).

e.       The FANSFund team will place the drivers and the votes they receive in the appropriate driver category (listed above) based on their eligibility.

f.       A person can vote multiple times if they choose and there is no donation limit.

g.      Voting starts April 8, 2017 and ends July 16, 2017 at midnight.

h.      Although voting ends on July 16, 2017, donations will be accepted until August 4, 2017.

i.        Fans donating after July 16, 2017 are not eligible to vote and may not receive a T-shirt or be eligible to attend the luncheon as final numbers need to be submitted for the T-shirt order and luncheon shortly after voting ends.


2.      How to Donate and Vote:

a.       In person by cash or check at Cedar Lake Speedway when the FANSFund team is in attendance, this will be most special events.  All checks should be written to Cedar Lake Speedway with FANSFund referenced in the memo.

b.      By credit card on our secure donation website by going to: www.fansfund.com/donations and following the documented procedure for PayPal and Credit Cards.

c.       By mailing a check.  Go to: www.fansfund.com/donations and following the documented procedure for Checks.  All checks must be received by July 16, 2017 for votes to count and to be eligible for the luncheon and T-shirt.



FANSFund Luncheon:

1.      A FANSFund Luncheon will be held on Saturday 8/5/2017 at 12:30 PM in the Cedar Lake Arena for:

a.       Fans that donated at least $30

b.      Our sponsors

c.       And the driver’s and their crews that voted in

2.      Lunch and a non alcoholic beverage will be served.

3.      There will be an up close meet and greet and autograph session with the drivers.

4.      T-shirts will be given out to those in attendance that made a qualifying donation.

5.      Drivers will be awarded their share of the fund based on their finishing position from the FANSFund Dash.

6.      Door prizes will be raffled off.


More information can be found on our website at:  www.FANSFund.com as well as our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/FANS-Fund/284907537903.  Questions can be sent to CLSFANSFund@yahoo.com.