Thank you for your donation and the support of the FANSFund!

Credit Cards and PayPal


  • Make checks out to Cedar Lake Speedway, note in the memo FANSFund and Mail check to:
    • Justin Richert
    • 1350 Marjorie St.
    • Hammond, WI 54015
    • Attn: FANSFund
  • Include on a separate piece of paper or print this Donation Form
    • Your FANSFund driver votes (1 vote for every $5 donated)
    • Name (First and Last)
    • City/State/Zip
    • Email Address
    • Donation Amount
    • If you donated $30 or more, will you be attending the Fans Fund Luncheon, Yes or No
    • If you donated $30 or more and will be attending the Luncheon, provide us your T-shirt size

Act now to donate and make your vote count!

Details Regarding Donations, Luncheon, and Prizes:

Donations and voting begins April 8, 2017. Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, July 16, 2017 but donations will be accepted up until August 4,2017. Fans donating after July 16, 2017 are not eligible to vote and may not receive a T-shirt or be eligible to attend the luncheon as final numbers need to be submitted for the T-shirt order and luncheon shortly after voting ends.

Donations will be accepted in any amount, however you must donate at least $5 to get a vote and at least $30 to be invited to the FANSFund Luncheon and be eligible for a T-shirt and door prizes. For each $5 donation you will receive 1 vote (a $30 donation would get you 6 votes). Votes can be split any way you choose, all votes can be applied to one driver or split up across multiple drivers as you choose. The FANSFund team will place the drivers and the votes they receive into the appropriate driver category based on their eligibility.

Payment types accepted: Credit card, PayPal, check, and cash.

Donations received after Sunday, July 16th will be accepted and added to the overall total contributions but the donor will not be allowed to vote for drivers.

Pay Pal and credit card donations may be done online by clicking the “Donate” button above

The drivers invited to attend is based on votes received and the number of drivers invited is based on the total amount of funds raised.

Businesses can also donate to the fund. If you have a unique business donation other than a monetary one, please contact us at to discuss.

A FANSFund Luncheon will be held Saturday August 5th at 12:30 PM for everyone who donated at least $30 and indicated that they were attending the luncheon. FANS will have a personal meet and greet with the drivers they voted in.

Door prizes will be given away during the luncheon.

Only people donating at least $30 are eligible for the luncheon and prizes. You must be in attendance to be eligible for a t-shirt and door prizes.

Prizes Available Tend to Include:

  • FANSFund participating driver t-shirts
  • FANSFund participating driver hats
  • FANSFund participating driver die casts (if available)
  • FANSFund participating driver door panels (if available)
  • Other sponsor related prizes may also be available

Thank You for helping make the USA Nationals FANSFund a success!

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