The FANSFund is a grass roots organization of race fans from across the United States and Canada that raises money to help drivers/teams attend the USA Nationals at Cedar Lake Speedway. With the rising costs of racing, this fund directly helps offset some of the costs allowing drivers/teams to attend the USA Nationals that may not otherwise be able to participate.  For fans and sponsors, it allows them to have a direct influence on a drivers program by helping these drivers attend the USA Nationals and promote a stellar field of drivers/teams for this great event.
Since our inaugural year in 2008, the FANSFund begins a donation and voting process in April which concludes in July.  Donations come from fans, sponsorship’s, and other fundraising efforts. For every $5.00 a fan donates they receive 1 vote for any driver they choose. At the end of the voting and fundraising activities, typically mid-July, all votes and dollars raised are tallied. A structured purse and the number of drivers to be invited is established based on the total dollars raised in our fundraising efforts. Drivers are then contacted based on voting order, and offered to attend the USA Nationals and participate in that year’s FANSFund event. This process repeats going down the list of drivers, by voting order, until we have the number of drivers committed that we are inviting that year. For a driver’s attendance and participation at the USA Nationals they will receive a share of the donations based on their finishing order in the FANSFund Dash.  Regardless of how the driver performs that weekend they will be guaranteed the minimum money from the FANSFund.

For fans and sponsors, this is an opportunity to get involved in the USA Nationals event and have an influence on the driver roster for the event.  Along with participation in the event, a luncheon is held in the indoor Cedar Lake Arena on Saturday of the USA Nationals for all fans who donated at least $30, our sponsors, and the drivers that are voted in and their crews.  The luncheon brings a unique opportunity for fans and sponsors to interact with the drivers that are voted in. There is an up close personal meet and greet autograph session, the drivers are awarded their financial support that the fans and sponsors provided, and the drivers have an opportunity to speak with the fans and sponsors and thank them for their support. Door prizes are also raffled off at the luncheon that drivers and sponsors provide and typically include: door panels, t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. We’ve even had autographed die casts, helmets, and tires.

Cedar Lake Speedway’s USA Nationals is one of only a few Dirt Late Model crown jewel events that pay the winner $50,000.  Since 1988, Cedar Lake has hosted the early August event with past winners such as Billy Moyer, Scott Bloomquist, Rick Aukland, Jimmy Mars, Brian Birkhofer, Donnie Moran, the late Jack Boggs and many more.  Fans from around the nation converge on the 3/8’s mile dirt oval known as “Wisconsin’s Fastest Piece of Real Estate” for a standing-room only crowd to watch the event.  For more information regarding the USA Nationals and Cedar Lake Speedway, visit their site at www.CedarLakeSpeedway.com

This event is not possible without the fans, companies and drivers that support it.  For that, everyone associated with the FANSFund and the racing community in general is deeply grateful.  Also, the unwavering support provided by Cedar Lake Speedway and its owner’s each year is much appreciated.

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